Baghdad’s free press

Report on CNN just now: New newspapers are springing up, some with a narrow political focus, some clearly supportive of the old regime, but here’s the entertaining bit — a commander quoted (I think  I got this accurately): “We had a guy in here the other day who said he wanted to start a newspaper, and I said, ‘Great,’ and he said, ‘Well, who do I have to see to get approval.’ ‘You don’t.’ ‘Well, who approves my scripts, my stories.’ ‘Nobody. It’s called freedom.'”

Jim Tracy is a scrotumless dweeb

Yes, the propaganda is true, Pierce, Welch and Smith met me at a secret undisclosed location last night where we plotted our schemes for world domination and an endless supply of dodger dogs and watery, stadium-filtered beer. Then Pierce, at a location so secret I can only refer to it as the Rustic Room, plied me with gin and tried to pry loose my confidential strategy for winning in roto. Welch even tried to warp my mind by re-introducing me to some crazy, drum-thumping, tennis-playing rock star.