Suggested RSS feeds

We’ve discussed before that journalists need to get an RSS reader and read it.

Over on Back Channel, I offer a list of ten RSS feeds that should be in your feed reader.  I didn’t post it here, because the list isn’t intended to be just for journalists, but for anybody who values being a well-rounded person, which we would hope would apply to all journalists.

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  • Will Leffert

    Of course, they are going to need a good RSS reader. I myself use Sage on my machines with decent screen sizes – its a Firefox extension. On Linux I use Liferea, but I doubt many reporters are using a *nix variant aside from Mac OSX :)


  • Marc Matteo

    You forgot “your friend’s blogs”.

  • Jason Holmes

    Just show them how to use MyYahoo and their set. Although, Sage is nice too…

  • Anona Mous

    Well, I stumble across this post 5 years later and can’t get to the Back Channel link.
    Should’ve posted in both places, here and there!