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Photos: Blue Ribbon Bastards, Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY, Aug. 22, 2015

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Photos: Innovating Local News Ecosystem at Montclair 2014

These are the photos I took during the Innovating Local News Ecosystem at Montclair conference.

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My best photojournalism of 2013

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Tracking the progress of Vance Albitz

I first told you about Vance Albitz in the fall of 2011. As if to prove my point that he’s a scrappy player who will do what it takes to win, he’s worked his way up to Memphis in the … Continue reading

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Photos: A night a Buddy Guy’s Legends night club in Chicago with the Kinsey Report

In Chicago for the first-ever LION Publishers Conference at Columbia University and I realized that this was my seventh visit to Chicago (if I’m counting right) and I’ve never been to a blues club. What brought this to my attention … Continue reading


The Batavian’s basic rules for scanner reporting

Once again, scanner reporting is controversial. The Batavian does a lot of scanner reporting. It works for us. It’s not hard to find people in our coverage area who say they love The Batavian, that they’re addicted to it, that … Continue reading

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Photos from our recent adventures in WNY

We’ve lived in Western New York about seven years now. Out time here hasn’t been without travel, but neither have we had as much time to explore as we might like, especially since The Batavian became our full time job. … Continue reading

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On meaningful work

I’m reading Phil Jackson’s “Eleven Rings” on iBook and am very much enjoying it. Last night, I came across this passage and it rang true. I think I’ve always sought work that was meaningful. I think more than at any … Continue reading

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My evolution as a photographer and thoughts on the Chicago Sun-Times

This is Michael Penvose. In April he was arrested for allegedly stealing a thermometer. He claimed he needed the thermometer for his sick baby. A police officer bought the thermometer. When I heard about it, I thought it would make … Continue reading


A Saturday road trip to Niagara and Orleans counties

Today a client sent me to a town in Niagara County near Lake Ontario. The irony was, the night before the assignment came in, Billie said to me, “I’ve been thinking, we haven’t been up to Lake Ontario in a … Continue reading

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