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You’re not in the railroad business, you’re in the news business

Countless times in the past 15 years I’ve heard online news gurus exhort newspaper executives to “get” the digital media future with admonition: “Railroads thought they were in the railroad business. They didn’t realize they were in the transportation business.” … Continue reading

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A prescriptive look at the news business

The clip above came to mind while scrolling through comments on Dean Starkman’s CJR piece, Confidence Game: The limited vision of the news gurus. As Starkman points out, there’s two camps in the game of predicting where the news game … Continue reading

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The future belongs to the independents

Look at the pictures of these men. Set aside the fact that they are all middle-aged white men, consider the other traits they have in common. They all owned newspapers in 1885 that were not part of chains. They weren’t … Continue reading

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You should only work this hard if you own the business

The list of duties for Patch editors in this Romenesko post is pretty much the job description for every local news site owner I know, at least the ones making a living at it. When I’ve written about the number … Continue reading

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