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Photos: Blue Ribbon Bastards, Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY, Aug. 22, 2015

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A Saturday road trip to Niagara and Orleans counties

Today a client sent me to a town in Niagara County near Lake Ontario. The irony was, the night before the assignment came in, Billie said to me, “I’ve been thinking, we haven’t been up to Lake Ontario in a … Continue reading

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Photos: San Francisco

I suspect I could spend a lifetime in San Francisco and never exhaust the photographic possibilities. A million photographers couldn’t. It’s no wonder it’s a city that inspires so much art. Here are a collection of photos from my two … Continue reading

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Photo: A snowy night in my back yard

To me, a night like tonight is a perfect winter night. Such nights are rare enough in winters when much snow falls. They are rarer still on mild winters, such as the one we’ve had to endure so far in … Continue reading

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Twelve Photos from 2011

These are what I consider my 12 best pictures from 2011.

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First Roll with Nikon F

To go with my purchase of a Nikon F4 (paid for with my sales of some used mobile phones), I also bought a Nikon F. The Nikon F was introduced in 1959 and remained in production until 1973. While it … Continue reading

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The practicalities of shooting film

Reader Scott Atkinson left a comment a few days ago asking that I do a post on the “practicalities of shooting film.” This post will answer his specific questions, plus a couple of others. Why film? The best place to … Continue reading

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My new Nikon F4

Some time ago, I decided I wanted a Nikon F and a Nikon F4. The Nikon F is the seminal SLR camera.  It was the pro camera of much of the 1960s and 1970s.  And the lenses I use with … Continue reading

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A roll of film through my Pentax Spotmatic

I’ve now shot two rolls of Kodak Ektar 100 film. I love this film. The warmth and saturation of the colors is just wonderful. It reminds me of the tone and texture of Kodachrome shots I see in my old … Continue reading

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My first rangefinder: Zeiss Ikon Contessa LKE

If I were launching a new compact, straight-to-the-point, limited function, but quality camera, I might call it the Contessa. It’s a sweet name for a well designed, small 35mm camera. German camera and lens maker Zeiss introduced its Contessa in … Continue reading

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