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Tracking the progress of Vance Albitz

I first told you about Vance Albitz in the fall of 2011. As if to prove my point that he’s a scrappy player who will do what it takes to win, he’s worked his way up to Memphis in the … Continue reading

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Why I’m rooting for Vance Albitz

Going back at least as far as the Tim Flannery era of the San Diego Padres I’ve been a fan of the kind of player who isn’t the vaunted five-tool prospect but the guy who just finds a way to … Continue reading

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End of the season

I’m still not over yesterday’s loss. The Chargers have nobody to blame but themselves. Too many turnovers, too many dropped passes, too many stupid penalties, too seldom executing at critical times. You can’t give Tom Brady a chance to win the game, and that’s what the Chargers did. There’s times you get beat, and times you lose. This time, the Chargers lost more than the Pat’s won. Too bad New England showed so little class in victory.

I guess I’ll have to find something else to do with my time Feb. 4.

UPDATE: I’m not the only one saying it.

Clearly, the better team lost. And, all things considered, it deserved to.

Dropped passes. A dropped interception. An interception that was later dropped.

What could be laid at the coaching staff’s feet were two decisions – one, to forgo a field-goal try in the first quarter and two, to play a prevent defense at the end of the second quarter that prevented nothing (as it often does).

But the players knew they blew it. A team that didn’t make big or multiple mistakes in closing out the season with 10 straight victories made them yesterday. In abundance.

“It was uncharacteristic,â€? center Nick Hardwick said. “ … Our forte is not beating ourselves. And we ended up doing it.â€?

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LaDainian Tomlinson is a special guy

Watch the video. I have nothing to add. Continue reading

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Candy Ass gets his save

My wife calls Trevor Hoffman “Candy Ass.” She’s never fully understood why one guy on the team only pitches once in a while and then for only one inning at a time. He rarely pitches in tie games, and almost never when the Padres are way ahead or way behind. She’s not really a baseball fan and the the deeper importance of a “save” is apparently lost on her.

Minutes ago, she said, “Now I feel bad for calling him a candy ass all these years.”

Mr. Hoffman is now the all-time saves leader and we just watched it live thanks to Directv and MLB Extra Innings.

The Pittsburgh broadcasters were exceptionally professional, giving Hoffman all due credit. They didn’t even break to commercial prior to the bottom of the 9th inning. We got to see the whole spectacle of “Hell’s Bells,” with one of the broadcasters remarking on how Hoffman’s entry into a game in San Diego never fails to give him goosebumps.

They also stuck with the post game celebration for several minutes.

Thank you, FSN. Continue reading

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Go Padres

This is the weekend of the big series — the series that could decide the fate of the Western Division — and the Wall Street Journal takes notice. Continue reading

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A World Cup post

I watched Mexico lose to Argentina today in World Cup soccer. We were pulling for Mexico, of course.

Via Steve Smith, I found this link from a previous Argentina match. You can be a complete idiot about soccer, like me, and appreciate the beauty of this goal. Continue reading

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Sutcliffe drunk on air

I’ve never liked Rick Sutcliffe. For one thing, he’s an ex-Dodger, but more importantly, during his first year as a Padres broadcaster (I never understood why he was hired), he dissed one of my favorite Padres, and a friend, the late Eric Show. Sutcliffe made a couple of insulting comments about Show (remember, this wasn’t long after Show died), and that really bugged me at the time.

Bakersfield blogger Dusty, a Padres fan, has the tape: Sutcliffe making a drunken fool of himself while visiting the Padres booth recently. At least this time, Sutcliffe apologized. Continue reading

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Vote to hit and run

Can a smart mob manage a baseball team? We’re about to find out. For the second half of its season, the Schaumburg Flyers will be managed by fans. I associate myself with Business Pundit’s predictions. Continue reading

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Lucky strike

Are some hitters more lucky than others? Well, with a tool like BABIP , you can figure out who is just getting lucky (or unlucky) and who is getting expected results. Continue reading

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