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If you’ve ever tried to register for the site and were not successful the reason is: ever since I moved to the current hosting service, e-mail hasn’t works, so there are no e-mail notifications going out for registration.

Also, I get a tremendous number of spammers trying to sign up for accounts. This leads me to (combined with how busy I am running The Batavian) not to ever look at the new account list.

So, if you have a registration pending: e-mail me and I’ll approve it (if I believe you registered with your real first name and last name).  And in the future, new registrants will be asked to contact me via e-mail to request account approval.

I’m at gmail and the username is howardowens (humans will know how to turn that into an e-mail address).

I’m feeling a little inspired by this post from Leo Laporte to turn away from social networking sites and post a little more here.  If that happens you can expect a mix of subject matter, from the more personal stuff I would most likely share on Facebook, to more profession oriented stuff I generally saved for Twitter.

Right now, I’m not thinking of dropping either service (twitter is how I get most of my profession’s news these days), but I’d like to do a little more with this blog.

Bottom line is: People in the business who expect nothing from me but profession related posts will be disappointed.

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