9/11 and the emergence of citizen media

Sept 11, 2001 — It changed a lot of things. It certainly changed media.

From Wired:

“Back in 2001, blogs were still very much the geek toy of the Slashdot set,” he said. “(But) this collective tragedy demanded a forum to be shared by people all around the world who wanted to talk about what happened with anyone because it was the only way of making any sense of it. Were it to happen again, blogs and social networks would play an enormously cathartic role.”

Prior to 9/11, I thought blogs were kind of interesting, but I didn’t start to see their potential until after 9/11.

Scott Riley pushed me start blogging, with an assist from Ken Layne. I began building my own blogging application at the end of March 2002 and launched in early April 2002.

I can’t link to Scott’s blog … it’s disappeared. I can find hide nor hair of Scott online anywhere. The last e-mail I sent to him bounced. I haven’t heard from him in two or three years. Scott and I went to college together. He was editor of The Point the year before I was editor. Of course, you all know Ken, or should. Follow the link above — it sure looks like he’s threatening to start blogging again. This would be good news for the blogosphere.

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