All the information, all the time, every place

treoI own a Treo 600, which is a great little device. It’s a phone, of course, and a PDA, and a camera, but it also means I can log onto the Web from just about anywhere. It’s helped settle a few arguments up at Smoker’s Castle.

A few weeks ago — and I wish I had some notes on this to tell you exactly who I’m talking about — a tech executive on Charlie Rose talked about the fast approaching day when we will all carry devices about the size of a PDA that will contain pretty much all of the world’s knowledge. And if for whatever reason some bit of information isn’t stored on the device, it will be readily accessible over the ubiquitous wireless (WiMax?) network.

This news about Google’s new deal with Harvard, to digitize Harvard’s documents, is undoubtedly a step in that direction.

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