To anchor the news, remember, you need talent

Here’s an ironic juxtaposition.

Lost Remote has this post about a swimsuit model filling in as a TV newscast anchor as part of a reality TV series.

A few doors down is this post about newspaper vlogs not having sufficient talent to compete with TV. The quote:

A lot of what goes into a TV newscast is the appeal of the presenters because of their communication skills…. If you don’t have credible presenters, [the user] can just click on the stories.? (Allan Horlick, president and GM of Gannett’s WUSA)

I guess there’s talent, and then there is TALENT.  You know, the kind of talent you need during sweeps.

2 thoughts on “To anchor the news, remember, you need talent

  1. “Talent” is one of the things I hate the most about TV news, and it upsets me that anyone cares about bringing that stupidity over to Internet video. I hope all the Internet video newscasts would fail so we can focus on real video storytelling.

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