Angela Grant’s new blog

It looks like Angela Grant is moving her blog: News Videographer. Good, smart move.

News Videographer is meant to fill the gap in training and provide a robust feedback forum. The main service of this blog is to provide honest critiques of online news videos and related multimedia content. These critiques will be blunt, but they will always be constructive. Such feedback can help the videographer improve his or her work and can also help others develop their own shooting, editing and storytelling skills.

My advice would be concentrate on making better web video, not on trying to shoehorn old video conventions and traditions into web video. It’s about producing video that people watch, not the equipment or the time spent on it.

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2 thoughts on “Angela Grant’s new blog

  1. Train the masses! Last thing you want is a gun shy reporter with a camera tucked in a pocket that could have been whipped out like a trusty six-shooter. And reporters gotta learn how to aim right… and so on… heeyah!

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