Apple should say no to TiVo

Phillip Swann thinks the idea of Apple buying TiVo is rotten to the core.

But Apple, whose core business is personal computers and portable music players (the iPod), could not deliver one cable and/or satellite subscriber, at least not immediately and perhaps never. Over the years, Apple has developed few, if any, relationships with TV-based companies. With Apple as its owner, TiVo would not be any better off than it is today. In fact, it would probably be in worse condition because it would have to go through some transition pains from the sale.

TiVo needs an innovative leader like Steve Jobs, but it doesn’t necessarily need Steve Jobs.

A diversified media company with good relationships across the cable and satellite industries might be a good bet to save TiVo, but it makes sense that Apple isn’t a good fit. Being innovative may not be enough.

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