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  1. Hello,

    Been trying to find your email address to send you a quick question about standards for Flash stats. Sorry to post it here instead, feel free to remove it and reply via email…

    The background is that I’m developing a multimedia player for a national Norwegian paper and as the news industry over here is fairly new to Flash we need to go abroad to gather information. Representatives from the major newspapers in Norway are soon meeting to define the guidelines and I’ve been asked to find background for my employer’s position.

    When I worked for NEWS.com.au in Australia we counted clicks on a thumbnail in an audio slideshow as a normal page impression. Nielsen, our measuring agency, defined page impressions in Flash as occurring when a user-initiated action changed the “main content” of a Flash piece.

    However, over here they’re considering avoiding the mix of HTML and Flash impressions and rather define a new set of rules for Ajax / Flash impressions.

    Do you have any information on this area, or can you perhaps point me in a direction? Great if you also know others in the UK / US with knowledge of this.

    Thanks. Best regards,

    Eirik Wallem Fossan

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