Back in Bakersfield — again

I’m back in Bakesfield after two weeks on the East Coast. The first half of my trip was in Boston/Quincy, and then I spent five days in Fairport/Rochester. Billie joined me in Rochester. It was her first tour of our future hometown (whichever town in the region that might be). Before she arrived, I was joking, “This is Billie’s first visit to Rochester. We’ll see if wants to divorce me at the end of the week.”

Billie isn’t going to divorce me. She liked what she saw. She especially liked Wegman’s. This regional chain of supermarkets includes some megastores that are as big if not bigger than the biggest Wal-Mart you’ve ever seen — and all Wegman’s sells is groceries. Here’s a picture of a produce section. Here’s a candy aisle. Here’s an olive bar. The largest of the three stores we were in had a deli counter that was at least 80 yards long (fully staffed), multiple cheese bars, a sushi station, a grill, a dining area, a large bakery and a walk-in beer cooler. The meat counter has every cut, every variety you can imagine. I can see where much of my paycheck is going to be going every week. Billie can’t wait to start shopping at Wegman’s.

As I said, I started the trip in Boston. I like this shot of downtown and this one of a bridge near downtown. I think this is a pretty cool shot of Boston at night from the air.

In Rochester, Billie and I drove up to Sodus Bay and toured a lighthouse. I like this interior shot.

Here’s my barn shot from the trip (this will become my new desktop wall paper).

On our last full day, we drove around downtown and found the George Eastman estate/museum, so we stopped there. Eastman was the founder of Kodak. Here’s the front of his house. Here’s one of his gardens.

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