Bakersfield’s Inga Barks chats with Rumsfeld, makes Romenekso

Inga Barks is talk show host on KERN here in Bakersfield. I don’t know much about her, her politics or her background. I met her once and she definitely a type-A extrovert, but I have never listened to her show (pretty much despising talk radio as I do). She interviewed Donald Rumsfeld Romenesko linked to it, so I found out about. Now you know, too.
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5 thoughts on “Bakersfield’s Inga Barks chats with Rumsfeld, makes Romenekso

  1. Ever since Lori Ingram AKA Inga Barks stole my coveted U2 ‘A Celebration’ pin at South High in the 1980s, I just can’t seem to like her… But I guess I was in DC at the same time she was…

  2. There were references to you. But it’s down now. The references claimed you had no credibility, blah blah blah… I had to have the site taken down. Too many people around me were offended.

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