A Baseball Post

I’m pretty happy with how the Padres (13-9) are doing so far this season. But the other bad team gone good story this year is Detroit. I thought I would take a look at their roster and maybe do a post on why … but then I looked at Alex Sanchez’s stats.

Can you answer this question? Maybe Matt Welch can. How do you get an OBP that is LOWER than your batting average?

As I write this, Sanchez is hitting .350 after 60 ABs. His OBP is .344. He has no walks. But still … a lower OBP?

Sanchez is about as anti-moneyball player as you can find. Only 3 SBs, and he’s been caught twice. Only 12 runs scored and 7 RBI. Sabermatric types don’t get too worked up over Ks, but I do. Sanchez has struck out 15 times.

The Tigers are 12-9. I wonder how many wins Sanchez has cost his team?

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