If you haven’t been watching baseball the last week, you haven’t been paying attention to what you should be paying attention to. This may be shaping up as the greatest post season ever. It redeems the wild card and reminds us why baseball is the greatest sport in the world. No timed-sport, not football, basketball or hockey, can match the drama.

The Red Sox just won what may be the greatest division series since the advent of the wild card system. They came back from a 2-0 deficit to win the games they had to win, setting up the American League Championship all baseball fans would like to see — the Yankees and Red Sox, two of the storied franchises in history, and the greatest baseball rivalry. So much history. So many reasons to care. You’ve gotta be dead or completely misunderstand the importance of sports not to enjoy this.

Not even a call just this minute from radical left-wingers knocking Arnold can distract me from what is the true matter of the moment. Yeah, I’ll vote tomorrow, but I won’t vote for your radical left-wing agenda, you “concerned women voters of California,” as if you really cared about California, or women.

The Cubs and Marlins tomorrow — the Cubs who haven’t won a post season series since 1945. The Marlins who were supposed to be laughing stocks this season, but where charged by young guys like Miguel Cabrara and Dontrelle Willis to carry them to October.

Then you have the Braves and the A’s. Two teams that have been so close so many times, but can’t seem to come through when it really matters. It’s drama, but at some point you have to say, “Maybe you guys don’t really deserve it.”

What could be better than a Red Sox vs. Cubs World Series. Certainly not the California “Quagmire” Recall.

Now onto the league championships. As for the recall, do as I do — Yes on the Recall, vote FOR Arnold. This is the only way to tell the Sacramento fat cats that we’re pissed and we want them to fix this damn state!

Matt Welch also knows good baseball when he sees it, and bad baseball, too.

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