Billie’s Halloween

Billie's pumpkinThe fall is Billie’s favorite time of year. She loves Halloween and Thanksgiving.

In Spring Valley and Ventura, we never had many trick-or-treaters. It had me thinking, Halloween was dead as a children’s adventure night. Every year, I would witness Billie’s disappointment when we had much left over candy and few little goblins and ghosts.

This year was our first year in our Bakersfield house (and almost certainly our last).

Billie got all costumed up as a court jester for tonight, not knowing what to expect. She had bought two big bags of candy, and I chided her for her extravagance.

The first tricksters showed up at 6:15. By 7, I was jumping in my car to rush off to the store and buy two more bags (large bags) of candy. By 8, we were out of candy and turning off the porch light.

In our 13 years of marriage, it is the first year Billie ever got to enjoy an seemingly endless stream of candy seekers. She had a blast.

The picture is of the jack-o-lantern she made. Here’s her blog post on Halloween.

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  1. very cool. Every place I’ve been to – as an adult at least – nada. I’m glad Mrs. Owens / Billie had her “Great Pumpkin” wish come true :-)

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