Black Dog has taken down his blog

John Jones, one of my favorite bloggers (a great writer), fresh from his apparent spat with N.L. over the whole Elitist Press thing (which I found more humorous than harmful, though if you’re directly involved, I can see how you’d get emotionally wrapped up in it), has taken down his blog.

I take this as rather sudden, so I don’t know what precipitated it. Just last night John was calling me about something related to his blog — sounded like it was an ongoing concern last night, but a minute ago I got an e-mail from him that alerted me that something was up.

Even before I opened his blog, I suspected John was hinting that he wasn’t blogging any longer — I told him in reply: Don’t stop. If you want a career as a writer, a blog these days is essential.

I’ve stopped blogging a couple of times. Both times it was a mistake. You can say breaks are good, and while they might refresh and help you re-envision your blog, traffic never recovers to its former state.

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