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I always find it sad when bloggers feel the need to turn comments off, or rarely turn them on.

The reason blogwrights deep-six comments is abuse. I’m not popular enough to get abused regularly, but sometimes I do get tired of arguing with people. It’s kind of a two-edge sword — I like people to challenge my ideas and my logic, but I hate it when people misstate, restate and miss my points, or mangle things in a way that suits their own arguements rather than mine. It happens regularly. I usually go high and right and later regret my lack of civility. I’m tired of arguing with people. I have my opinions. You have yours. I’m starting to develop an idea that I will no longer try to defend my posts in comments. I will deal with facts only. But, of course, there will be times that I get too pissed off and I’ll post something in my own comments that makes me look like a right-wing intolorant idiot, which is not how I see myself at all, but I’m sure many of you do ….

BTW: Did I mention that tomorrow’s my birthday?

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