Bravo boys, bravo

queer eye for the straight guyWhat’s the best new show of the summer?

It’s got to be Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

The premise: Five gay guys (The Fab Five) enter the life of one hapless straight man and give him a total life makeover. They redecorate his living quarters, redress him, teach him how to cook, teach him manners and grooming and even improve his CD collection, if necessary.

The show works on many levels. It’s hilarious. It’s fast paced and entertaining. It maintains the spontaneous edge “reality” shows strive for. It’s full of good advice for men. And women, especially those whose favorite Oprah episodes involve makeovers, will love seeing that not all men are hopeless.

Everybody I know is talking about the show. I heard about it from a gay friend, then found most of my co-workers already knew about it. People who turned their nose up at Survivor are already hooked on Queer Eye.

I’m particularly impressed with the marketing potential of this show. Once the ratings are huge, which they will be, the money the producers can rake in on product placement and merchandising on the show’s web site will be tremendous.

And I already have my TiVo season pass all set up.

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