Broadband speeds to increase soon

I’ve been saying a lot recently that the pace of change is only going to increase — everything is going to get faster.

Here’s a story about how broadband will get faster.

If greater broadband penetration starting about four years ago helped increase the demand for online video to the levels we know today, what will speed that are 25 times faster mean?

I’m guessing, more video and better video and more live/streaming video.

And video that can easily go straight to the TV.

Seems like a great opportunity for newspapers.

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2 thoughts on “Broadband speeds to increase soon

  1. I’m not sure I agree with your definition of “soon.” Seems to me it’ll take quite a while for this higher-speed Internet to become available for a high enough percentage of our viewers.

  2. Angela, you might want to read up on Ray Kurzweil and accelerating returns. The speed of change is exponentially increasing.

    And consider that five years ago there was no real broadband penetration. We were all on dial up.

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