Broadcasters seem to be missing the point of citizen journalism

Interesting to read what a cross section of news business leaders say about blogs and citizen journalism. A few of the print people have a fuzzy understanding of what it all means, but what’s most interesting is how all the broadcast people seem to have no clue about blog culture and activities.

For example:

Clearly though, weblogs are not grassroots journalism. Journalism has highly regarded ethical standards. It’s the only profession protected by the Constitution. The people who participate in Web discussions have no such responsibility to insure their information is accurate. How do we insure the bloggers are not causing harm? What if the information is libelous? Is it the News Manager’s job to censor the weblogs?

I left a comment on that one to the effect: The Constitution guarantees freedom of the press, not “freedom of professional journalism.” There’s a big difference there, I think. A lot of gatekeepers still don’t get it.

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