Bruce Bochy out as Padres manager

Former Padres Manager, Bruce BochyI think Bruce Bochy has been a good Padres manager. I think stability of management is a good thing in baseball. But it probably was time for Bochy to move on. The Padres have only been able to get so far under Bochy and it’s time to try something different. While it’s not a black and white issue, there is something to the knock against Bochy that he favors veterans over rookies. Xavier Nady and Ben Davis were never given a fair chance to prove themselves, and it probably screwed up their careers. One has to wonder if Jason Bay wouldn’t be a Padre today if not for Bochy, but then maybe under Bochy Bay never would have become the star he is. But then, Khalil Greene, Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez did all right under Bochy.

Photo By Ewen and Donabel.

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