CareerBuilder stumbles on advertising

CareerBuilder is being dumped by its ad agency after playing the agency in “review.”

SuperBowl ads for CareerBuilder failed to crack the top 10 of most popular. You’ve probably seen the ads — office workers in a jungle.  I don’t know if the agency or CareerBuilder should be blamed for ads, but they do suck. Big time.

The monkeys were better.

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2 thoughts on “CareerBuilder stumbles on advertising

  1. Actually its the other way around, I think the article you linked is Cramer-Krasselt’s spin on it. Careerbuilder dumped C-K as its agency of record because its SuperBowl ads failed to crack the top 10 in a USA Today poll. The real person that should be dumped or let go is Careerbuilder’s Chief Marketing Officer. C-K has been an invaluable tool in branding Careerbuilder and it seems as if they were let go on a whim. Ad agencies don’t dump clients who spend over $50 million in media a year, no matter how bad the ads fare.

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