Catch me if you can

Tom HanksColby Cosh, ever good with words and observations, has some fine ones about Tom Hanks:

Somehow it’s exasperating that Hanks doesn’t stick to the script for Hollywood Existence: not only does he not make bad movies or deliver cut-rate performances, he’s never been “hospitalized for exhaustion” or caught carrying a handgun through an airport.

I haven’t seen Catch Me yet, but I saw Hanks interviewed on Charlie Rose, and one of the most impressive things about Hanks and this movie is that Mr. Big Shot didn’t mind taking the “supporting” actor role, letting Leo, the kid, be the lead.

Of course, it was mighty smart of Leo to do the movie anyway after Hanks said he wanted a part in it. Most actors would be majorly concerned about being upstaged by a major star.

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