Celebrating my mother’s 80th Birthday

My brothers and their families are all in town this week. Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was our mother’s 80th birthday. As my oldest brother, Don, observed: “Nobody would have believed you if you had said twenty years ago we would all be in Bakersfield for today.”

But I guess life works out the way it’s supposed to be.

In honor of my mother, and for the enjoyment of my family, I gathered some family snapshots and created the slideshow below. Three or four friends might find it interesting. Other readers will probably careless. I like the way it turned out though, and it’s my blog, and I enjoy this media stuff. This was created in iMovie.

The video above is only Part I. I left Part II off because I’m going to remake it. I’ll probably post that, too, once its done.

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6 thoughts on “Celebrating my mother’s 80th Birthday

  1. Hey, Howard – Very cool video! Can’t wait to see Part II! My mom is 83, but has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t know me any more, and my dad died over 35 years ago. It was nice to see the pictures of your family. Sniff! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Never heard of you before today Howard. May not again. (Stumbled here by way of your comment over on Roughtype). I’m a former tv photojournalist, now descended into corporate management.

    Your Mom Video is the classiest family tribute I have ever seen posted online. That your mom was a Babe and beautiful didn’t hurt, but your presentation, the music and the edits were a great pleasure to experience. I found myself wondering about your Mom, “the greatest generation” and what it means to still have our Mom’s living at 80.

    My wife and I both enjoyed it and she has instructed our multi-media developer son to do likewise.

    Thank-you for a moment of soft humanity.

    Mike Whatley
    (who is not a terribly sentimental guy!)
    Altadena, Ca

  3. […] In my previous post about my Mom’s 80th birthday, I promised a part 2 video. I’m embedding it below. It is a tribute both to my family and to my home state. Regular readers know I’m leaving California, so this is part of the farewell. Even if I never return to California (and Matt Welch, to whom I gave my California history book collection, says I will), California bloodlines will always run through my soul. The song is is from Dave Alvin’s latest release, West of the West. Ironically, I bought all the songs on the CD digitally during my first trip to New York. […]

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