College-student blog most popular to TV news powers

Meet Brian Stelter. I’d never heard of him, but every TV executive has. His blog has become a must-read at the highest reaches of the TV news industry, according to the NYT.

Mr. Stelter’s blog (, a seven-day-a-week, almost 24-hour-a-day newsfeed of gossip, anonymous tips, newspaper article links and program ratings, has become a virtual bulletin board for the industry.

It is read religiously by network presidents, media executives, producers and publicists, not for any stinging commentary from Mr. Stelter, whose style is usually described as earnest, but because it provides a quick snapshot of the industry on any given day. Habitués include Mr. Williams and Jonathan Klein, the president of CNN’s domestic operations, who long ago offered up his cellphone number to Mr. Stelter.

“The whole industry pays attention to his blog,� said Jeffrey W. Schneider, a senior vice president of ABC News. “It would not surprise me if I refreshed my browser 30 to 40 times a day.�

Hit for Mr. Schneider: Get an RSS reader. I’m adding Stelter to my blog roll and RSS reader.

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1 thought on “College-student blog most popular to TV news powers

  1. ah, but have you noticed that TVNewser doesn’t link to too many other blogs (usually only HufPo and Gawker) doesn’t carry much of a blogroll, and certainly doesn’t take comments…

    when is a blog not a blog? When it’s like TVNewser…

    oh, you also didn’t mention that the link goes back to TVNewser is the property of Mediabistro and not an independent blog.

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