Corvids at the Derby

Ken LayneThe Derby is a legendary place, and now I can say I’ve been there, coaxed as I was with the promise of good music and good people.

The Corvid’s played there tonight, but of course, you already knew that. If you weren’t there, I only assume it’s because you live too far away and were worried that if you made the trip, you wouldn’t make it home in time to get to work Monday morning.

It was a good time, a good crowd and good music.

Steve Poltz, formerly of the Rugburns, opened the show. Poltz is a pretty amazing singer-songwriter with an ability to craft witty and creative lyrics and meld them was superising and catchy melodies. I was impressed enough with his show to buy a CD from him at his full retail price of $15. (BTW: Poltz, as I just discovered, has a very cool web site. It even includes a blog.)

Layne’s band was, as expected, tight, loud and mezmerizing throughout its set. Layne has written a number of great songs. I can’t wait to hear them in all of their fully mastered, mixed and steam-dried glory on “Fought Down.”

My camera crapped out on me tonight, so I didn’t get as many pictures taken as I would like — my crowd shots would have included Tony Pierce, Cathy Seipp, Emmanuelle and Steve Smith, but none of them turned out — but here’s a slide show of what I did get of the band.

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