Country music blogging

Matt Welch links to Jack Sparks’ Top 50 Country Songs of 2003. This gave me two brilliant ideas:

  1. Use iTunes to download as many of these songs as I can — and I’ll do this as soon as I can afford to.
  2. Add Jack Sparks to my blog roll — a glaring ommission for a blogging country fan, like myself, who hates mainstream country radio.
Speaking of iTunes and country music … another good idea I had the other day (but again, this takes extra cash I just don’t have right now — anybody ever think of hitting the tip jar around here? … I’d spend it all on music-related stuff, honest!) is to find all the songs iTunes has by Harlan Howard (and they have quite a few … I already checked), who is arguably the greatest non-performing songwriter to set a boot down on Music Row. So now, I have at least two iTunes projects for myself.

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