Custom blogs, again

Some people never buy suits off the rack.

Others won’t pay less than $30 for a bottle of wine, no matter what the reputation of the $7 bottle from Temecula.

My $20 watch runs as well and looks as good as my $60 watch, but some guys wouldn’t be caught dead in either. Hell, there’s guys who only buy $20 underwear.

Let’s face it, even when there are perfectly good alternatives out there, some people will spend a little more to feel like they’re getting best.

When I first floated the idea of building boutique, custom blogs, this is the market I had in mind, and after several days of thinking about it, I still like the idea.

I’ve got the programming prowess, and I’ve also got the designer — Gwen Harlow (great name, better artist).

I’ve still got to work out the hosting details with my Web host, but I think I can negotiate a good plan.

If you know anybody who would be in the market for a turn-key, custom blog set up, send him or her my way. This could be fun.

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