Cyndy Green’s Think News

Cyndy Green explains the thought process behind Think News.

“Videojournalismâ€? was launched to educate folks who want to know what news photogs really do or who want to learn how to become videojournalists. It also allows me to look at a media that has to completely reinvent itself for an audience that is dissatisfied with traditional media. Working on this blog has allowed me time to explore and rethink my perceptions of news and what people – the audience – deserve. Kathy and I have spent hours talking and emailing each other, whistfully dreaming about how a news program might look if we were in charge. A news site that would examine issues/stories from a reflective, thoughtful stance rather than using hype and personality to attract an audience. So we’re working on our baby – our dream now.

Most of us have seen the cattle drive video by now. I look forward to seeing more work along these lines from Cyndy and Kathy.

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