Cyndy’s rebuttal to Andy

I didn’t bite when Andy Dickinson posted his rather cheeky “video strategy” videos. They’re well produced (Andy has a great narration voice) and funny in their way, but also (especially on the point-and-shoot side) spoiled by a few red herrings.

I just found that Cyndy Green (who we hired a while back to do video training in Canton, Ohio) produced a red-herring-free rebuttal.

I applaud Andy for his creativity in tackling the “make it great” vs. “just do it” debate, but Cyndy’s rebuttal is spot on. Be sure to listen for the tag line.

3 thoughts on “Cyndy’s rebuttal to Andy

  1. I commented that I thought Cyndy’s rebuttal was a fairer view (and more my take on things). It’s about the way a strategy thought out and put in to practice rather than the stereotyped extremes.

    I think ‘make it great’ and ‘just do it’ is a bit different from the point and shoot and quality I poked fun at. One is motivation the other implementing strategy. Perhaps, more basically, ‘make it great’ and ‘just do it’ is where we should be debating rather than the p&s and quality debate.

    The videos were meant to represent that extreme ‘red herring’ filled debate that still permeates rather than bait anyone. Least of all you. I hope they where both equally ‘stupid’ in there own way- they where constructed out of all the uninformed debate (both for and against|) that is out there.

    Perhaps not the most constructive way to parody the whole debate but it was a long week :)

    BTW. That is my best impression of a posh English accent. My own voice is considerably more northern and less posh then that. Just be thankful I didn’t try my American accent.

  2. Andy…
    I viewed and reviewed and thought your videos were well-thought-out. Exposed the worst of both arguments. You, by the way, have a much better voice then I ever will with my bastardized Aussie/Yank attempt at proper English.
    And this really is about the survival of journalism AND jobs.

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