Daddy, why did they read the news on paper?

This quote found via Online News Squared:

“Students do not relate to newspapers at all, any more than they would to vinyl record.”

— A teacher in a Carnegie-Knight Task Force on the Future of Journalism Education study that found teachers are using newspapers less and less in the classroom. Here.

It reminds me of a garage sale I had a few years ago. We had some LP records in a box (we collect them, being the Luddites that we are), and a little girl took one out of the bin and said, “Daddy, what’s this?”

Someday, a little girl will come to my garage sale and pick up an old historical-headline newspaper I’ll be selling and she’ll ask, “Daddy, what’s this?” And when daddy says, “That’s a newspaper, like granddad used to read,” she will get a puzzled look and say, “but I read a newspaper on the computer.”

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