Damn Dodgers

The Padres hitting just looks really pathetic. Pitching has carried them this far, but it can’t carry them forever. Bruce Bochy keeps messing with the line up, especially the outfield. I know that’s always been his style, but he needs to let some guys get untracked. This is the line up he should play for at least the next 14 games: Jimenez, 2B; Kotsay, CF; Nevin, 1B; Klesko, RF; Trammell, LF; Burroughs, 3B; Vazquez, SS; Lampkin, C.
Billie and I went to the Dodger/Padres game tonight and it wasn’t an entirely wasted trip. Even though the Padres fell to the hated Dodgers 5-2, we did get to see Sean Burroughs hit his first Major League home run.

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