Daryn Kagan is now DarynKagan.com

Remember Daryn Kagan? She was once one of CNN’s stars. Now, thanks to the web, she’s an independent journalist. Expect to see more of this.

UPDATE: It should be noted that Kagan is taking a pretty big media/packaged media approach. She and her cohorts slickly produce everything. It’s a very structured approach. There’s no blog. No UGC. At least she makes contacting her pretty easy (or appears so, I haven’t actually tried) and wants feedback and story tips, but there’s no sense that she’s willing to enter into a conversation with her audience. You also can’t grab some HTML from her site to embed her video into yours.

The other thing I wonder about — the one segment I watched featured a guy who runs a relationship web site.  She plugged his URL a couple of times.  Is that product placement?  There’s no disclosure if it is.  I don’t see any other apparent business model on the site.

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1 thought on “Daryn Kagan is now DarynKagan.com

  1. Howard-
    Thanks for the mention in your blog. Some updates/corrections: You absolutely can embed my videos on your site. Just click on “get link” under the video player. I encourage folks to do so.
    No product placement on my site. and Yes, I do have a blog.Hope yours is doing great!
    Thanks, Howard.
    Daryn Kagan.

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