Design guru offers advice for newspapers

Alan Jacobson offers nine tips for newspapers (he calls them rules). My favorites are tie editorial staff salaries/bonuses to circulation performance, and put news on the web and second-cycle stories in print. I think he’s off the mark, however, when he says that 100 percent of a newspapers resources should be spent on solving the revenue puzzle. The revenue issue is a huge problem, but it’s going to be hard to solve at current traffic volume (for most sites). The only way you’re going to build sufficient traffic to generate sustainable revenue is to get the content equation right. On most newspaper.coms content sucks (newspaper-first stories, too long, poorly formatted, not Web-scannable, etc.), and there isn’t nearly enough video just about everywhere, with little effort toward meeting the needs of users for generating their own content. I do love Jacobson’s TBC redesign, though. (link via Romenesko)

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