Dig through my closet on Ebay

We’ve been selling some stuff on Ebay recently with some success. The best sellers so far has been poker books. CDs did OK. Baseball cards, not so much, though I did get $46 for my Roger Clemens rookie card.

Now we’re into clothing, clothing accessories and collectibles.

Right now, we have 19 items on Ebay, with more TK. If you like vintage clothing, my wife is still some great pieces.

The current surprise of the moment is this belt buckle, which is approaching $32 in bids with a bit more than a day left in the auction.

This old leather jacket my dad gave me when I was a kid has five people watching it, has generated two questions (including somebody offering $45 for immediate purchase), but no bids yet. One day left of this one.

I’m also selling the Padres windbreaker I’ve had since I was about 11 or 12.

I just listed this very cool cowgirl duster from my wife’s collection.

In the music-death category are these items related to John Lennon, Curt Cobain and Country Dick Montana. The CDM items are of particular interest to me simply because its so closely tied to my personal history. I knew Dan McLain (Country Dick) in high school, was friends with co-founder of the Beat Farmers Buddy Blue, and wrote an award-winning obit about Country Dick in 1995.

Don’t ask me why I saved all this crap. I don’t know.

If you’re interested, bookmark my Ebay page … we’ll try to add stuff every day for the next couple of weeks. And if you live in Bakersfield, watch this blog for an announcement of our upcoming garage sale, where we’ll sell off even more stuff we don’t need that TBC paid for us to haul over here from Ventura (and that doesn’t count the three garbage cans of stuff I’ve thrown out in the last week).

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