Digital correspondent in San Diego

Cyndy Green sent me the link a few weeks back, and I finally just took the time to look through the blog of Kyle Majors, a video journalist back in my old stomping grounds.

While Kyle is working for a TV station, newspaper video journalists could certainly go to school on his site. He shares his work and experiences, and while his pieces drift toward a “shot for TV” style, they are generally more personal and interesting than straight TV news. He certainly comes up with some good topics to cover.

Also, check out his equipment list.

Oh, and I love his tag line:

It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change – Unknown

4 thoughts on “Digital correspondent in San Diego

  1. At the risk of pulling a Cliff Clavin from Cheers, the quote is often attributed to Darwin but does not appear in any of his works.

    Open any of his books at and search for anything resembling this quote.

    Please prove me wrong because I would love definitive proof on this. All I’ve ever heard was indirect quotes from self help books and motivation speakers but never a specific published reference.

    I do believe the quote summarizes his work more accurately than “only the fittest survives” which is also not in any of his work.

    Find me the reference and I will be happy to change the attribution.

  2. I checked, and Kyle’s skepticism appears to be well grounded: there’s no citation readily at hand to demonstrate where Darwin wrote (or said) that, if he did.

    I would also note that not finding it at the Gutenberg site, while indicative, is far from definitive either. Mainly because the quote so succinctly summarizes one of Darwin’s major conclusions (“fittest” in his usage generally means “those that fit best” rather than “most fit”) I’m still inclined to believe it’s his.

    But I won’t attribute it to him again until I can be sure.

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