Digital photography

I’m getting to where I enjoy photo blogging more than text blogging. I’ve always enjoyed photography, but it was always a hobby that costwise was well beyond my means. I’ve been fortunate to be gifted some very nice cameras, but the cost of film was prohibitive, not to mention that if you want to crop, dodge and burn, you need your own darkroom (read $$$$).

Until digital photography came along.

I’ve just posted pictures I took today in San Francisco on my buzznet. I hope you’ll take a look.

Digital video is pretty cool, too, though I don’t do as much with it as I should. Even though when I was a reporter I had no trouble marching up to a stranger and saying, “I’m with the Daily Planet and I have a question for you,” I seem to be way too shy to approach some guy on the street with, “I’m a blogger … ” Maybe I need to leave that sort of thing to the young and the hip.

At any rate, here’s two quick videos I shot today. First, a panorama of Powell Street and Market. Second, the arrival and departure of a BART train.

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