Election coverage should be live on the Web

There are seldom times when Web editors can predict in advance that a lot of people will be looking to their newspaper.com sites for fresh coverage, and one of those times is election night.

So how did the South Carolina newspaper sites do last night? Doug Fisher took a look and was disappointed in what he found.

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1 thought on “Election coverage should be live on the Web

  1. From the newspaper sites that I went to on election night and today (the day after), all were dismal in providing up-to-date information. The San Diego Union-Tribune’s site SignonSanDiego was the worst. Not only did it not load pages, it provided no link or hour-by-hour result of local elections.

    In the Florida papers I read, Scripps-Howard’s and the Palm Beach Post, there was no time stamp to indicate whether the information was one-minute old or three-hours old.

    With all the technology and linking available, newspapers did a poor job of keeping me up-to-date of what was happening across the country.

    How sad.

    Howard, did anyone do it correctly?

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