Embrace change and learning and improve the news

The book Tim Porter co-authored and worked so hard on for months that he didn’t blog (much to my dismay) is out.

News, Improved (check the site — looks like some good companion resources to the book — I’ll have to circle back later and dig in).

Poynter piece here.

As Porter sees it, learning to embrace change — to work as a team, to take risks, to innovate — should be every journalist’s top priority.

“You have to be ready for anything,” he says. “You have to be out there playing and trying [new things]. … You set some goals. You work on them. Some of them are going to work, and some aren’t.”

Like Porter, McLellan concedes uncertainty about what the future will bring.

“Underlying this is that the industry needs a new business model,” McLellan says. “[The industry needs] to figure out how to make enough money to support all the reporting that’s being done. We don’t have a solution to that problem.”

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