Thanks to all who answered my call for some e-mail, so I would get something besides spam every day. I got quite a few private notes. I actually have a couple of fans. I’m a little surprised. I’m more surprised at the number of people who are sticking with my blog even though it is far less political than it was. I know many of you only found out about my site because somebody linked to one of my political posts (nobody has ever linked to one of my non-political posts, as far as I know).

Here’s my next request. I’m looking for good fiction sites. By that I mean sites that publish short works of fiction. I’ve found several sites that post unvetted, unedited stories, but few that operate like a real publication would — editors selecting only the best stories to publish.

As I work on my short story, I’m not sure what to do with it once I’m finished. The traditional approach is to send it to the big magazines, such as The Atlantic, and then work down the food chain until you finally get an acceptance from some obscure literary quarterly. That process sucks up a lot of time and postage. It might be better to try a couple of online publications first.

Do you read fiction online? If so, where? What sites. Please post the URLs in the comments link to this post (no HTML in the comments section … just post the URL). That way other people will know about these sites, too.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

I’m really only interested in sites of general fiction, not scifi or mystery or horror, etc.

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