Focus on the user, not on page rank

From the Google webmaster blog:

Before making any single decision, you should ask yourself the question: Is this going to be beneficial for my page’s visitors?

Read the comments — some people still don’t get it. Focus on the user, not on page rank, and you will, over time, improve your page rank. Webmasters and marketers who put the emphasis on page rank over users have it totally backwards.

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2 thoughts on “Focus on the user, not on page rank

  1. I agree. We’re trying to focus a little different on the Noveltown blog. Not to please everyone, but to reach the people we eventually want to reach.

    I’m proud of my 5/10 google rankings. I didn’t even noticed it hopped up a notch. I just try to keep with the vision of what I’m doing. The stats go up. Hopefully it’s not all spambots.

  2. Haha! It means WAR between Google and Polish Webmasters. I’m Polish. We always find a way to trick Google ;).

    Serious now. I think this is fake. They got problems with tell apart normal link from “links”. 80% of popular site have this kind of links. They got problem and can’t find way to handle with that ;).

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