Furry Lewis — Kassie Jones

furry lewisThe cradle of America music very well be Memphis, Tenn. If not specifically Memphis, than that futile crescent of the Mississippi river … Highway 61, the crossroads, Greenville … an area haunted by the likes of Charley Patton and Robert Johnson.

One of the early pioneers of Memphis blues was Furry Lewis, whose most famous song was “Kassie Jones.”

The song was most recently covered with great success by the North Mississippi Allstars.

In the days Lewis was recording some of his greatest tracks (his career had a bit of a rival in the 1960s), original master recordings were made on aluminum, shellac or lacquer discs. The discs could hold no more than four minutes of music, so long songs had to be recorded in two parts. This MP3 presents both halves of “Kassie Jones.”

To purchase a Furry Lewis CD, click here.

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