Gary Brolsma goes commercial

I stumbled upon this on YouTube — Gary Brolsma is back. The original Internet viral-video star has a new, slick and professionally produced video, with a marketing-drenched companion Web site.

Clearly, Gary is cashing in. Some (see the comments on YouTube) saying he’s selling out. I say good for Gary.

Gary taught us all a powerful lesson about the drawing power of entertaining video on the Web. I’ve used the Numa, Numa Dance video in every presentation I’ve done on multimedia over the past two or three years. It’s wickedly funny and engaging. It’s popularity is an accident, a coincidence of broadband explosion and and audience readiness for video on the Web in the pre-YouTube days. Gary should take full advantage of his cyberfame while he can.

The new video isn’t really entertaining, despite Gary’s powerful personality, but that’s almost beside the point now.

More interesting is the Rocket Boom interview.

Bonus link: American Idle.

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