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We are posting two jobs in my department this week. Both positions are full-time and are based in Fairport, NY (just east of Rochester).

First, we’re looking for a great Web artist to serve as our Senior Web Developer. This key position will lead our Web site design efforts. We have designs for more than 450 sites to develop and manage, so we’re looking for somebody who has both the creative vision for building a variety of options for site managers, but can also conceptually view Web site design in an object-oriented, module manner. Our designs will share common templates and themes, but use modular concepts to allow for variety. User-focused design, usability and standards compliance is vital to our business model. Our ideal candidate is motivated to build the best information-service sites in the business, has at least three years experience, and never stops trying to improve his or her chops.

The second job is also vital to our plans. We are looking for a Deputy Multimedia Editor. This position will oversee our universal news desk and help us develop the GateHouse News Service, which will not only serve all GateHouse Media properties, but a variety of non-GateHouse publishers, both online and in print. The job entails developing the best content (text and multimedia) for our news service, managing the news flow, and working with our local editors to understand their needs and deliver to them content that helps them serve their readers better. The editor will supervise a multi-person staff of multimedia editors.

If you are interested in either of these positions, or know somebody who might be, I can provide you full job descriptions. Write to me at howens – at – gatehousemedia dot com.

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