GateHouse Media is hiring

Our team in Rockford has put together a great multimedia package to entice talented people to join the staff there.

I like it because it involves real people from the newsroom, which gives job candidates a great sense of who they might be working with, and it contains great information about what it might be like to live and work in Rockford.

Current openings include photographer, multimedia editor, and copy editor.

There are openings elsewhere at GateHouse, and many of them are listed on our corporate site. You’ll note that several openings are in online. Most of those jobs are based in Fairport, NY, but we’re also looking for regional sales managers.

At GateHouse, we’re intent on building a great local media company. If you are the best and want a better job, we would like to hear from you.

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  1. […] That gem came from Chris Soprychan, Multimedia Editor of the Rockford Star in the US. He features in their new online job ad which is very nice indeed. (via Howard Owens) It’s a neat little multimedia package that really sells the attitude of the place. […]

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