Gear Acquistion Syndrome

I’ve been dying to get an acoustic guitar for months. My plan was to wait until February or March when a little extra money might be coming my way, and maybe I could get a nice Gibson or Guild, but it’s been killing me not to have an acoustic, especially with the kind of stuff I’ve been playing and writing lately.

Today, a little extra money came in and I decided to get something inexpensive to tide me over, or maybe it will be a keeper, who knows? So I bought a Simon & Patrick SP6 Cedar. Great guitar. Sounds as good as many guitars costing twice as much or more. Sold wood. Handmade. 800-year-old timber. Seems well built from head to tail. It is just a rather plain looking instrument. It’s not this.

The SP6 might retain enough trade-in value should I decide to upgrade next year. At least I have something to record with for now.

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