Gushing Connie

connie chungNo, Dave, your note taking is quite good.

I just watched Connie Chung interview two “American Idol” contestants. I may have some of this wrong — I’m a slow note-taker — but, as I heard them, here are some of the tough, hardball questions Connie fired off:

Q. Both of you are so good!

Q. I saw your mother hug you! It was so sweet!

Q. If you win, do you think you’ll still be a nice person?

Q. Good luck to both of you! I’ll be watching!

Here are the actual questions, taken from the official rush transcript off the CNN site. I am not making this up.

CHUNG: Both of you are so good. I can’t believe it. Really, you are. And I can’t believe that you don’t have any formal training, neither of you.
CHUNG: It’s incredible. And you’re both in your 20s. And you just sang it so easily. Honestly.
CHUNG: Charles, were you surprised that you made the cut? There were 26 million people watching. And they voted for you.
CHUNG: You’re kidding?
CHUNG: You’ve been running around being stars, right?
CHUNG: You know what? I saw your mother crying. It was so sweet.
CHUNG: Now, if you become a big star, do you think you’re still going to be a nice person?
CHUNG: Good luck to both of you.
Connie Chung — committing journalism without a license since 1969.

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